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Shadow Mink Extensions(0.07)

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Mink individual Shadow Mink eyelash extensions. These brand new style of lashes will add depth and texture to your volume sets. Each lash in the line alternates in curl and length. For example, the first lash will be a C Curl – 12mm, the second will be a D Curl in 13mm. This pattern continues for the entire tray. When these lashes are applied, the volume effect gains a more natural and layered look. These trays are 16 lines, to give you the most value per tray.

These lashes were absolutely loved by our lash artists and clients alike, and we’re certain you and your clients will love them as well!

These lashes are non sticky, leave no residue and are easily picked. The curls will maintain for a period of 1 year. These lashes are synthetic mink, made of PBT fiber which is a yarn material. The PBT fiber is sourced in Korea.

Please note the image which shows our curls.

These lashes are to be used by professional eyelash technicians. Please do not attempt to apply individual eyelashes to yourself. If you have any questions please contact us.

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