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Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue (10 & 5ml)

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*Please note: We currently have 10ml bottles of Sensitive Glue only 🙂

Miyo Lash is happy to now offer our Sensitive Glue. Some of your clients will have sensitivity to eyelash extension glue, and we’d love to still see their #lashesonfleek. Our Sensitive Glue is low odor and comes in a 5ml bottle.

Please use within 6 weeks of opening.

Please shake for 30 seconds before each use.

Ideal temperature for the glue is 25-28°C, and humidity is 40-70%.

Miyo Lash strongly recommends against purchasing adhesive which will not be used shortly thereafter. Miyo Lash is not responsible for adhesives which are stored for long periods without use, as the 6 month shelf life begins at the time of manufacture. Miyo Lash does not sell adhesives older than 3 months since that time.

This glue is to be used by professional eyelash technicians, please do not apply glue to yourself or use with strip lashes. If you have any questions about this product please contact us.


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